A Review of Filthy Rich Writer’s Comprehensive Copywriting Academy

How the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy (CCA) Prepared Me as a Copywriter

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The term “copywriter” was not something I had heard before 2020. Now it’s my full time career. Seriously, some days I can’t believe it either!

How did I find the Comprehensive Copywriting Academy?

Scrolling through Facebook, an ad claimed that a teacher replaced her income in 6 weeks. WHAT?!

At the time I was teaching Kindergarten, slowly beginning to feel the effects of burnout, and truly yearning to find a way to work from home that allowed more flexibility.

So, I clicked & signed up for the free video training.. As soon as the video started I felt like they were talking directly to me.

Why did I choose the CCA over other copywriting programs?

Was copywriting the answer? Could I build this as a side business? Or actually have a career where I work from home? Possibilities I had never considered before began to feel more like attainable goals than lofty daydreams.

However, the skeptical part of my mind wasn’t quite convinced. So, I did more research into copywriting and even looked into other training programs. I read articles, listened to podcasts, and scoured LinkedIn. Again and again, I kept coming back to Filthy Rich Writer ‘s CCA for 3 reasons:

  1. The course was self-paced. I could work on it during weekends or in the evening as I had time.
  2. The students-only Facebook group was a unique feature many other courses did not offer. I knew to be successful I would need support and feedback; this group seemed to offer both.
  3. Nicki, Founder of FRW and her co-host Kate’s enthusiasm was contagious on the podcast. Listening to them resonated with my own positive, upbeat personality. It didn’t feel like some boring training droning on – it felt like an informative coffee convo with friends. And I LOVE that!

Although I wasn’t entirely sure that copywriting would work out, I knew I wanted to try. So, when enrollment for the CCA opened back up I jumped at the opportunity.

What benefits has the Filthy Rich Writer’s CCA provided?

The CCA taught me all the basics of copywriting. From how to structure specific types of text (emails are noooot the same as FB Ads) to how to find clients. 

There are still times that I rewatch a course to review how to approach a specific task. It’s incredibly helpful to have lifetime access to each training. That way no matter what skills I feel I need to brush up on I can quickly refresh!

The Comprehensive Copywriting Academy’s live events have also been immensely helpful. My favorite is “Pitch-a-Palooza” which equips students with the tools and training to start (actually) getting clients. Using the steps from this training helped me to jumpstart my business!

The students-only FB Group has continued to be helpful as a place to get feedback on practice copy, be inspired by others, and ask questions as they arise. This group alone has been such a kind support system; I can’t imagine building my business without it!

Do I recommend the CCA?

Just like anything, Filthy Rich Writer‘s Comprehensive Copywriting Academy will be what you make of it. If you devote adequate time and effort to the trainings, completing the practice, and giving/receiving feedback, then you’ll likely benefit TREMENDOUSLY more than if you simply skim a few of the videos. However, I will say with confidence that I happily recommend this program to anyone interested in copywriting.

If this whole copywriting thing has your gears turning, check out their NEW Video Training by clicking on the link below. It’s free, won’t take much time, and just may open up a door you didn’t know you were waiting for.

Click here to watch Filthy Rich Writer’s newset Video Training.

Still on the fence about copywriting? Email me any time; I’d love to share more of my honest experience and answer your burning questions!

Until Next Time,

Jill 🙂

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