Oak Barrel Ice & Creamery

The Challenge: Oak Barrel is a small batch, artisan ice cream shop who needed a brand new website to showcase their ice creams and facilitate their online ordering platform.

The Solution: In order to help boost sales, modernize their marketing approach, and introduce online ordering, a web designer and I collaborated to build a sweet new website! We researched what features other similarly sized ice cream shops included in their websites and customized some additional components to address Oak Barrel’s unique needs. The image below shows the “About” page from this project. To view the full project, please email a request.

Wild Roses Boutique

The Challenge: When building their e-commerce website, the owners of Wild Roses Boutique needed an “About” page. Because their business is so close to their hearts, both ladies were having trouble putting their thoughts into words that truly reflected their mission.

The Solution: To understand their background more thoroughly, I interviewed Anita and Kristina at their shop. It was a joy getting to know these friends-turned-business-partners and hear the passion they have for creating a memorable shopping experience so ladies of many ages can enjoy time together. After getting to know them, I wrote the story below to showcase their unique business story.

Cheetos Giveaway Spec Ad

The Challenge: The creative brief for this spec ad called for a contest landing page. The business objective was to collect emails and phone numbers from a key Cheetos demographic: college students from 18-22 years old.

The Solution: A graphic design student and I collaborated to create this landing page. We utilized the bold and exciting Cheetos brand voice to guide our copy and design choices. In doing so, we created eye-catching images & words that enticed the target audience to enter the contest – and give us their contact info. Win-win!