Why Your Website Needs an Awesome About Page

Jill Bruton with a perplexed expression.

You may be wondering…


Does my website need an about page?

Will people even click on it?

I’ve tried writing one, but want to give up.


It’s exasperating!!


If that’s you, I totally understand your frustration.

Writing about yourself is one of the most challenging topics… even as a writer.


You have to walk a fine line between being humble, but also showcasing your value. 

This is especially difficult for service-based businesses. 


Trusted marketing resources like Hubspot and HostGator agree: an about page is one of the must-have components of any website. 


Next month I’ll share my top tips for writing your about page, but for now, start thinking about why you need one. 


Here are just a few of the big benefits that having an about page will bring to your website .

Benefits of Having an About Page

1. Personal Connection

Your website is often one of the first interactions someone has with your business. 

Think about your website as a storefront. 

Your home page is equivalent to greeting them as they walk in the door, but your about page is like walking over to them and starting a conversation. 

How personable is that?!

If someone is considering purchasing goods or services from you, they need to see what makes you stand out against all your competitors.

This is your place to shine!

2. Improve SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

When people search for you online think: Who & what are they searching for?

These keywords and phrases are likely present throughout your website already.

However, if they search for your name, will your website even appear in the search results?

If you meet someone at a networking event or around town, they will likely be able to remember your name – even if they lose your business card.

By creating a space on your website where your name is also a keyword, your chance of people searching your name and finding you increase drastically.

This also helps the bots crawling your website to associate your name with credibility in your field of expertise; another boost for your site’s SEO!

Therefore, ensuring that you have an about page for your business, especially if your name is not part of your brand name, is essential.

3. Increase Credibility

Not only does your about page help the bots discover that you are credible as a service provider and/or business owner, but it also proves that to humans! 


The about page showcases your unique experience, and why it positions you to serve your audience in ways that no one else does.


People don’t know that you were in the Peace Corps unless you tell them.

People also don’t know you have a Ph.D. in Clinical Psychology,

or 25 years of HR experience,

or an affinity for glitter… unless you share that with them!


Make sure this is not the entirety of your about page, you’ll hear me say repeatedly that an about page is not the same thing as a résumé. More on that another time…


Your about page serves as an evergreen introduction, telling potential customers what makes you sparkle – even when you’re asleep.

Let's Create Your Awesome About Page!

If you’ve been on the fence about adding an about page, I hope this helps make the decision a little easier for you. 


You do need one, but you don’t have to make it alone!


If you realize you need an about page, or if your current one isn’t resonating with readers the way you hoped – book a call with me to chat about how we can optimize your about page.


Sometimes a few small tweaks can make all the difference, while other times it’s best to have a professional rewrite it for you using an unbiased perspective, anchoring the text in copywriting strategy. 


Click the link below to book your free about page consultation today!

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